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March 25/02


Opening night at "Virus"! Cold weather slowed down the people from coming, but those that did come seemed to enjoy themselves! Bats and I (DJ Syth) also had a pretty decent time. The outlook for "Virus" looks very promising indeed! Thanks to all who helped out and came to show support!

"Virus: A Night of Dark Erotica"
Monday, March 25, 2002
(r) indicates a request
1. Electric Hellfire Club: "Sympathy for the Devil"
2. Assemblage 23: "Love My Way"
3. Siouxsie & The Banshees: "Kiss Them For Me"
4. Orgy: "Blue Monday"
5. Einsturzende Neubauten: "Yu Gung (Futter Mein Ego)"
6. Korn: "Faggot"
7. Saliva: "Superstar"
8. KMFDM: "Virus"
9. Malhavoc: "Discipline"
10. (r) The Cruxshadows: "Deception"
11. Apoptygma Berzerk: "Coma White"
12. Apoptygma Berzerk vs. VNV Nation: "Standing On Kathy"
13. Bigod-20: "Like A Prayer"
14. Junkie XL: "Dealing with the Roster"
15. Sound Factory: "Please Fuck Me"
16. OgHr: "Water" (Impakt Devices Remix)
17. (r) KMFDM: "Boots" (Bomb Mix)
18. Revolting Cocks: "Beers, Steers & Queers"
19. Ministry: "Just One Fix"
20. Rob Zombie: "Demonoid Phenomenon"
21. The Newlydeads: "Submission"
22. Mists of Avalon: "Prison Sex"
23. (r) Skinny Puppy: "Candle"
24. Misfits: "She"
25. Lords of Acid: "Voodoo-U"
26. Libitina: "Gothic People"
27. Apotheosis: "O Fortuna" (Ultimix)
28. (r) Nine Inch Nails: "Closer" (Fuck Madonna Mix)
29. Negative Format: "Distant Pulses" (Club Mix)
30. And One: "Technoman"
31. (r) Rammstein: "Sehnsucht"
32. Razed In Black: "Oh My Goth!"
33. Praga Khan: "Breakfast In Vegas"
34. Project Pitchfork: "Steelrose" (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)
35. PTP: "Rubber Glove Seduction"
36. (r) Neuroticfish: "Velocity" (Club Mix)
37. Decoded Feedback: "Reflect in Silence"
38. Marilyn Manson: "The Love Song"
39. Static-X: "I'm With Stupid"
40. David Bowie: "I'm Afraid of Americans"
41. (r) Covenant: "Like Tears In Rain"
42. Type O Negative: "Be My Druidess"
43. MDFMK: "Rabble Rouser"
44. Wumpscut: "Golgotha"
45. KMFDM: "Anarchy"
46. (r) Deftones: "Passenger"
47. Sisters of Mercy: "Detonation Boulevard"
48. (r) Tool: "Prison Sex"
49. Snog: "Corporate Slave"
50. Wolfsheim: "Once In A Lifetime"
51. Peter Murphy: "Strange Kind of Love"
52. Magenta: "Eccentricity"
53. The Cruxshadows: "Here Comes The Rain Again"
54. (r) Marilyn Manson: "Coma White"
55. Massive Attack: "Teardrop"
56. Type O Negative: "Black No. 1"

"Virus: A Night of Dark Erotica" PLAYLIST from Monday, March 25, 2002, as played by DJ Syth and Bats.