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Promoting at VIRUS


One of the biggest things we love to do is promote indie bands or labels as much as possible! We do that in several ways through "VIRUS: A Night of Dark Erotica".

Over the years, in past endevours like "The Vampire Ball" in St. Catharines, Ontario and through radio programs like "The Embrace" (on CFBU 103.7 FM in St. Catharines and CJAM 91.5 FM in Windsor) and "Lipstick Killers" (CJAM 91.5 FM), we have been sponsored and promoted for various labels and artists, such as (listed alphabetically):

* Actcom Records
* Alien Sex Fiend
* Cleopatra Records
* Diva Destruction
* KOCH International
* MDM (Martyr Diabolos Martyr)
* Metropolis Records
* The Newlydeads
* Projekt Records
* Rhea's Obsession
* Two Witches

What we ask of you:

* At least one copy of new releases for us to spin. That way we can start spinning new tracks prior to release and get a buzz on in the club in anticipation of the release!

* Promotional materials for us to giveaway. We're talking about CDs, stickers, posters, T-Shirts, photographs, keychains, whatever promo swag you have on hand to offer! We especially like getting autographed items. Here's why...

What we do in return:

* We will be running contests and giveaways on two levels. First, we'll be doing some simple giveaways at the actual club night. Usually several items a night. If you have handbills or stickers, these are always great for us to hand out to people who come up to request stuff.

* We will also be running special contests on our VIRUS Newsgroup. This is an exclusive newsgroup especially for the patrons of VIRUS. We will be doing more intricate contests and (hopefully) giving away slightly more special prizes (such as autographed CDs, posters, photos, etc...hint, hint!).

* Any artist or label who takes part in this promotional venture will have three (3) banners posted on this site, each with a corresponding link to their website. One will appear on the home/front page, one will appear on the links (STRAINS) and one will appear on this very page.

If you are interested in taking part and allowing us to help promote your product, e-mail DJ Syth at the e-mail link below to obtain the proper mailing address. Feel free to ask any questions that haven't been covered here.

Here's who is currently helping VIRUS!

Finnish label

The band's Official Website

The band's Website

Home of The Cruxshadows, Neuroticfish and more!

The band's Website

The band's Website

The band's Website

The band's Website