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April 3: Second night of "Virus" (this past Monday, April 1st) was FANTASTIC! A great crowd, myself (Syth) and Bats were in fantastic moods and the night just rocked! Prizes galore, courtesy of Actcom Records out of Finland. Mordechai Dahlia Winter-Shade won the autographed Two Witches "May You Be In Heaven" CDS through our Newsgroup contest. Two other lucky people who attended on Monday also won a Two Witches EP and a Merlot EP. Next week we'll be giving away a special promo EP from Projekt Recording artist Black Tape For A Blue Girl. It showcases several new tracks from their new album, "The Scavenger Bride", as well as a few choice cuts from prior albums. If you're a fan, MAKE SURE YOU'RE AT "VIRUS" NEXT MONDAY! Our Playlists section has now been updated, so you can check out what great music you ARE missing!

March 26: Well, opening night has come and gone. Mixed reviews from myself and Bats. Not a great turn out (Mondays at Home usually gets close to 50-60 people already), but the weather was BRUTAL so we're hoping that had a lot to do with it. Hell, we were the DJs and even we didn't want to go out! But we did and the people who were there seemed to have a great time. Didn't get to a lot of the great tunes we'd hoped (we kept putting them off in anticipation of more people coming in), but a good mix. Due to an absence of microphones, we never got round to giving away the two CD singles for Two Witches and Merlot, but we'll give them away next Monday. Also, an autographed CD single from Two Witches will be given away this week on the Newsgroup, so sign up now for your chance to win! Spread the VIRUS and we'll see you next Monday.

March 16: More great news on the prizes/giveaway front! The great Finnish label, ACTCOM (Home of Two Witches, SinMasters and more!) have confirmed participation, as well as three phenomenal bands, CARFAX ABBEY, DIVA DESTRUCTION and TWO WITCHES! Autographed prizes are being sent, so sign up for the will be your ONLY chance to win them! One week till opening night of VIRUS! Spread the word and we'll see you there!

March 14: The great indie goth band, BITTER GRACE, has just confirmed they will be sending some official Bitter Grace promo to give away to a select lucky few at VIRUS. Stay tuned for details, on whether the Bitter Grace promo will be given away at the club or through the newsgroup (what? you're not on the newsgroup? you'd better sign up then! head over to LAB REPORTS and we won't punish you this time...). In the meantime, click on the link below to preview or familiarize yourself with Bitter Grace (in case you aren't already...):
Bitter Grace

March 11: Just got final confirmation for VIRUS to go ahead. We will be officially starting up on Monday, March 25, 2002, at HOME NIGHTCLUB in Hamilton, Ontario. For directions, check out the Home website. Has a great map directional tool. NIHIL is still running at Home on Mondays as well, so it'll be two floors of dark fun. In the basement, NIHIL spins a great mix of music. On the Main Floor, you have VIRUS! Spread the word! Help keep Hamilton's dark scene alive!