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April 1/02


Very cool crowd tonight. "Virus" is definitely moving along nicely.

Autographed Two Witches CD Winner:
Mordechai Dahlia Winter-Shade

Two Witches EP Winner:
Sean Jeffrey

Merlot EP Winner:
(Sorry! We never caught your name!)

"Virus: A Night of Dark Erotica"
Monday, April 1st, 2002
(r) indicates a request
1. The Cruxshadows: "Here Comes The Rain Again"
2. Lead Into Gold: "Faster Than Light"
3. Shade Factory: "Angel"
4. The Cult: "Rain"
5. Alice 2: "Garden of Life"
6. Orgy: "Eva"
7. Marilyn Manson: "The Nobodies"
8. Powerman 5000: "When Worlds Collide"
9. MDM: "Lock & Load"
10. KMFDM: "Ultra"
11. Snog: "Corporate Slave"
12. Ane One: "Technoman"
13. (r) E-Craft: "Fahrenheit"
14. Icon of Coil: "Access and Amplify" (Club Remix)
15. Apoptygma Berzerk: "Coma White"
16. Leaether Strip: "Strap Me Down"
17. (r) Type O Negative: "Green Man"
18. Joy Division: "Transmission"
19. 999: "Homocide"
20. Misfits: "Attitude"
21. (r) Slipknot: "Spit It Out"
22. Ministry: "Flashback"
23. (r) Razed In Black w/ Vicci Neptune: "Come To Daddy"
24. Velvet Acid Christ: "Fun With Drugs"
25. Rammstein: "Sehnsucht"
26. Skinny Puppy: "Addiction"
27. (r) Front Line Assembly: "Mindphaser"
28. (r) The Cruxshadows: "Deception"
29. (r) Neuroticfish: "Velocity" (Club Mix)
30. (r) Accessory: "War of Emotions"
31. (r) Project Pitchfork: "Timekiller"
32. Diamanda Galas w/ John Paul Jones: "Do You Take This Man?"
33. (r) Skinny Puppy: "Candle"
34. (r) Covenant: "Tour de Force"
35. Cubanate: "Oxyacetalene"
36. Bigod-20: "Like A Prayer"
37. The Newlydeads: "Submission"
38. Siouxsie & The Banshees: "Kiss Them For Me" (Kathak Mix)
39. Nine Inch Nails vs. Garbage: "Crushingly Close" (Mix)
40. Kate Bush: "Wuthering Heights"
41. Tori Amos: "Crucify" (Golgotha Mix)
42. Bauhaus: "Stigmata Martyr"
43. David Bowie: "Suffragette City"
44. (r) Placebo: "20th Century Boy"
45. Seude: "The Beautiful Ones"
46. Libitina: "Gothic People"
47. The Dandy Warhols: "Godless"
48. Dead Can Dance: "The Ubiquitious Mr. Lovegrove" (Mr. LoveGroove Digital
49. Wolfsheim: "Once In A Lifetime"
50. (r) Depeche Mode: "Enjoy The Silence"
51. (r) The Cure: "High"
52. Tool: "46 x 2"
53. Jane's Addiction: "Three Days"

"Virus: A Night of Dark Erotica" PLAYLIST from Monday, April 1, 2002, as played by DJ Syth and Bats.